Below Normal Monsoon Predicted

The south-west monsoon which hits India in June is the most important weather phenomena affecting everything in India. The monsoon hits the coast of Kerala in the first week of June and “moves up north”:, bringing rains all over India.

“Monsoon seen below normal, to arrive on June 1”:
bq. It (the monsoon) is expected to be 96 per cent of the long-period average which falls into the below normal category,” R R Kelkar, director general of the India Meteorological Department told a news conference. “The drought parameter is below 90 per cent
This year I will be in the Kerala coast when the monsoon hits. If you are interested in the rains and how it affects India, the best book to read is “Chasing The Monsoon”: by Alexander Frater

4 thoughts on “Below Normal Monsoon Predicted

  1. God, how I used to hate monsoon when I was a kid. You cant play, but still have to study. Carry all those books and get so wet that it was impossible to get into the class without rushing to the loo first!
    Looks like God didn’t have enough fun. Now I am in a place where you never know when it will rain!

  2. Srijith, True and it used to rain exactly on the day the school reopened. Read the book I mentioned. I learned so many new things about Kerala from that.
    Kerala with that greenery drenched in the rain is one of the most beautiful sights one can see.

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