Dinosaurs of Kerala

In his blog What is wrong with CPI? VS Babu writes about how the Communist Party of India is hell bent on denying livelihood to many Malayalees citing moral reasons, and resorting to physical violence.
The communist party sanctioned a Coke bottling plant when they were in power. Now they are attacking the same plant in the guise of an anti-war movement. This is what makes Kerala the favourite destination for investors.
These morons like “Achyutanandan”:http://www.keral.com/celebrities/vsachud/ make a living destroying the businesses of other people.
In 2000 many school children in Kerala “missed “:http://www.sulekha.com/articledesc.asp?cid=104277 the most important examination of their lives, the Secondary School Leaving Certificate, because of a strike called by these Idiots. The reason was to protest the visit to India by Bill Clinton.
Since farming is not yeilding much returns these days many farmers are converting their farm lands to real estate and selling it. When I was in Kerala at that time, these folks under the leadership of Achutanandan went around destroying the harvest of the exisiting farmers (logic for this was beamed to his head from the aliens you see in Simpsons). At that time, the ruling party was the Communists.
So if you boil down the Communist Manifesto reads
* ruin the lives of children by blocking their education
* prevent anyone from doing business
* call bandhs regularly, so that daily wage workers will starve
These are the lunatics that are trying to come to power in the state which calls itself 100% literate.

7 thoughts on “Dinosaurs of Kerala

  1. And the CPI(M) is projecting Achyutanandan as the future CM ? What beats me is why and how these people are voted back into power. One would think that we would all have learnt our lessons in the last 55 years

  2. Achyutanandan was promised the CM chair few times before. But since he is of a lower caste, the godless, and believer of equality of people party tricked him and made members of higher caste as the CM. Even if the LDF manages to win, the caste issue will playout in a major way.
    Communist party still has a huge base in Kerala. Once people leave Kerala and come out, they realize how stupid they are to have supported them.

  3. >>
    Interesting espcially when in other parts of the country being a member of the lower castes helps you get into power easier. Oh BTW, I thought the CPI(M) stood for godless, equality of people issues. What a bunch of hypocrits !

  4. In Indian Democracy Left is the onoly hope left for us.look what NDA did while they were in power.Even Amartya sen didn’t like the hifi reformist of NDa.what we needed is expansion of basic facilities such as education and health.Left is plyed a good role in drafting the UPa’s agenda.Arartya sen said “there shoyld be parties like left to rise issues others forgettinglook kerala and bengal there ay be not uh induatries but they hae good huan de ind

  5. Thulasi, What is the point in having a world class human index if every other person is committing suicide in Kerala ? What will happen to Kerala if Arab countries send people back ? Kerala’s model of development is not sustainable and it is matter of time before it collapses in a very big way.
    Why do we need approval of Amartya Sen for anything ?

  6. it’s as per the name isn’t it…. They’re called the left… when people have left they come out of the Left’s control over their mindsets….

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