When Did Mahabharata Happen ?

When was the Mahabharata war fought ? Depending on whom you ask you
will get various answers. One answer is around the year 3000BC. This
comes from the “following logic”:http://www.encyclopediaofauthentichinduism.org/articles/51_the_bhartiya_chronology.
bq. Lord Krishn ascended to His Divine abode at the end of dwaparyug
and immediately kaliyug started in 3102 BC. Krishn lived for over 125 years. He descended on the earth planet in 3228 BC. The Pandavas, after winning the Mahabharat war, ruled for 36 years and 8 months. Accordingly, the date of Mahabharat war comes to 3139 BC.
What was happening in the world at that time. The Sumerians had
invented the wheel. The Egyptians had started mummification, had
started writing and built the first ships. There were settlements in
the Indus Valley by then. But there is no archeological proof for this
In “Finding The Past”:http://www.newindpress.com/sunday/sundayitems.asp?id=SEC20030329055837&eTitle=Columns&rLink=0 Nandita Krishna writes about the archeological work done in search of Krishna.
bq. Iron objects numbering 135, and which included arrow and spearheads, shafts, tongs, hooks, axes and knives indicate the existence of a vigorous industry. There are indications of brick-lined roads and drainage systems, and an agro-livestock based economy. The PGW of Hastinapura has been assigned to 1100-800 BC. The events of the Mahabharata probably occurred around 1000-900 BC.
What was happening in the world at that time ? According to Encarta(c)
bq. Indigenous religious traditions emerge in Southeast Asia. Primarily animistic, they share a fundamental belief that a spiritual dimension beyond human senses also animates the material world. Therefore, places and objects possess a real spiritual identity and meaning. That was also the time of King Solomon (961 – 922 BC). The first documented historical figure of India, Buddha, would not appear for another 400 years.
I am glad that there is someone doing archeological excavations to
study our ancient stories. Using science to find the reality behind
mythology is exciting.

12 thoughts on “When Did Mahabharata Happen ?

  1. hmm..
    actually the figure of 3102 BC for the start of Kaliyug came from Aryabhatta in AD 499. He based it more on astrological/ astronomical calculations. So it isn’t really reliable.
    The other figures have good archeological basis.

  2. dats what i am talking about…
    He is going to compose it again this weekend in SFO..i am goignt o see the original vande mataram.. yey…

  3. Apart from all these calculations, there is another clinching way to date Mahabharat.
    After Duryodhan was killed by Bhim in the last phase of the war, the judge of their battle, Balram ( Lord Krishna’s elder brother) went to do a ‘parikrama’ of the River SARASWATI.
    Thus, this river had not dried up during that time. Even if it had started drying up, it was still visible ‘like’ a river. Otherwise, Balram would not have gone to do a ‘parikrama’ of a non-exixtent river !!
    So, when did Saraswati river dried up ??? Mahabharata war was definitely BEFORE that.

    1. Right Yashendra.
      Vyas has mentioned that there was Solar as well as Lunar eclipses in one month at the time of Mahabharat War. Calculations confirm that in October 5561 year B.C, both the Solar and Lunar eclipses did occur.

  4. Yashendra,
    Bet Dwaraka was an island frequented by Krishna who is said to have visited its Shankhodara Temple. It also contains the only ancient temple for Matsya, the epic saviour of the world at the time of the Great Flood. The materials discovered at Dwaraka corroborate history and myth, and fix a date for the inundation of the city ? between 1500 and 1300 BC.

  5. If Mahabharatha is happened in 3000BC , then why there are no evidences in Rig veda which is the oldest one….

    1. RigVeda is older then Mahabharatha.
      Infact Ved is without starting, without end.
      Hope u already know that Ved doesn’t means any book. To know more about Ved read some real thinker like Swami Vivekananda…

    2. Maharastra happened in Dapar era…as per sanatan dharma there is two more era before Dapar Era . First is Satya era,2nd is kreta era which is era of Shri Ram

  6. In reality 3012 is the assumed date of mahabharata war.But recently Prof Vartak of Pune has proved scientifically the dating of Mahabharata war around 5500 BC.He has used all the astronomical records mentioned in mahabharata along with modern software and reached this time period.Let’s for a moment assume the Mahabharata war is a myth,but then how’s it possible to set up all the astronomical records so accurately without any kind of software in those times and show up this exact period of the Mahabharata.Also recently the ancient underwater city of Sri Krishna’s Dwaraka has been located off the coast of cambay,which is carbon dated to around 5500 bc.Recently Aryan Invasion theory has been busted by Harvard University.This actually proves that the great Pandavas and Kauravas did fight on this planet 7500 year back.

  7. Absolutely EVERYTHING on this issue seems based on assumptions … is there any reliable archeological or other evidence like with Egyptian, Mesopotamian Civilizations??

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