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If you have been following this blog regularly by visiting this website, you may not know that there other ways of following varnam using various social networks. Here are few ways by which you can follow the blog

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One thought on “Six ways to follow varnam

  1. One is puzzled to note that even after one hundred and fifty years after the postulation of Aryan invasion theory it still has become a religion. The term Indo-Europeans/Aryans is not correct since by prefixing the word INDO the protaganists indirectly admit out of India theory. If Aryans had come to India from Outside they should be Europo Indians or Aryo Indians. Further the territory Arriyana is in Iran and hence those invaded from Arriana should be Arriyana Indians. The Aryan theory is like HOUSE built on river sand which will look big but collapse when there is flood or heavy wind. Time has come either to bury deep or throw into the dustbin and admit that India lives only in contemporary times and does not have history but only a conjecture.Before looking back into four thousand years let the historians solve a few discrepancies:i)Alberuni and Cholas/Chalukyas:Why did Alberuni not mention correctly the topography of South and never mention Cholas and Chalukyas?As per Alberuni Vaishnavism seemed to be predominant but Vaishnavism grew only during 13th century AD. Lord Someswara is famous during entire Chalukya/Chola period. There are innumerable Someswara Temples built by them. How did loot of Somnath by Gazni escaped attention of Cholas/Chalukyas?Then Chola/Chalukya hegemony seemed to be imagination.ii)North Indians were never imperialistic and completely ignorant of South especially Tamilnadu. That is why Sanskrit dramatists had fascination for Srilankan Princesses held in shipwreck. On the other hand From Satavahanas to Vijayanagar kings all South Indian kings ravaged Central and East India.Further Chola inscriptions amazingly describes all North Indian kingdoms. Why did Gahadvalas never mention Cholas while inscriptions at Suryanarkoil of 11th CenturyAD clearly mentions participation of Gahadwala king Govindachandra. Thus when there is no possibility of resolving the discrepancy even in 11th Century AD how can one analyse five thousand years history. If AIT has to be accepted then no cogent history of South India particularly South India can be wriitten in the complete absence of corroborative evidence to Tamil and kingdoms of Tamilnadu and history of India can be restricted only to North India.

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