Six ways to follow varnam

If you have been following this blog regularly by visiting this website, you may not know that there other ways of following varnam using various social networks. Here are few ways by which you can follow the blog

  1. By e-mail. This link takes you to Feedburner which manages the e-mail subscription. Every time a post is made, you get the contents via mail.
  2. If you use Feedly, this link will take you to the page to add the feed.
  3. If you use any other RSS reader, this is the feed link
  4. If you are a Facebook user, here is the page to follow
  5. If you are a Google+ user, here is the profile page
  6. Finally, here is the twitter feed.

You can find the widgets for all these subscriptions on the sidebar under “Subscribe”. Please connect and share the posts.