Secret Chambers etc.

From the Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators dept comes this news. A secret chamber, without an entrance, has been found in National Library, Calcutta. Now, you may ask, how do  you find a chamber which has no opening? Will I hear the sound of one hand clapping if I enter this chamber? We may find answers as soon as ASI gets a response from the Drilling Permission section of the Ministry of Culture.

Was it used as a punishment room by Hastings or one of the Lt Governors who succeeded him? It was common practice among the British to “wall up” offenders in “death chambers”. Some sources say this enclosure has exactly the same look and feel. The British were also known to hide riches in blind chambers as this.
“It could be just about anything. Skeletons and treasure chests are the two things that top our speculations because it is not natural for a building to have such a huge enclosure that has no opening. We cannot break down a wall, considering the importance of the building. So we have decided to bore a hole through the wall to peer inside with a searchlight,” said D V Sharma, regional director, ASI.[Secret chamber in National Library via IndiaArchaeology]

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