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A concern for the anonymous author of The Gospel of Matthew was false prophets.

That gospel was written between 80-85 CE. It was not just Matthew, but others like the author of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles also warned against false prophets.  A decade or so after the Gospel of Matthew was written, the second epistle of Peter also warned against false prophets and false teachers. According to Prof. Bart Ehrman, the author of Peter was writing at a time when early Christians were expecting the end of the world and were ridiculed for it.
Looks like Jon Voight arrived from that period.

In a speech at the Republican Senate-House fundraising dinner last night, actor Jon Voight criticized President Obama at length, calling him a “false prophet” who causing “oppression” in America.[Think Progress» McConnell ‘really enjoyed’ Voight’s speech that claimed Obama might allow ‘a new Holocaust.’]

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  1. Organized religion is a scam, and Christianity is no exception. The Bible, the supposed word of God, is itself of dubious origin. It was put together by Emperor Constantine; it excluded many books.

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