Nov 26: Terrorist Attack in Mumbai

  1. The letter sent by Deccan Mujahideen (Updated on Dec 1)
  2. DesiPundit latest updates
  3. CNN-IBN Live Feed
  4. Twitter feeds from people in Mumbai
  5. Who are the Deccan Mujahideen?
  6. Vinu’s photographs from the ground
  7. DesiPundit has updates and sites from where you can get more news
  8. TweetGrid collects all twitter feeds related to Mumbai.
  9. Google Trends
  10. Wikipedia page on the terrorist attack
  11. Google Maps showing the sites
  12. Maharashtra Times has pictures of two terrorists coming out of CST.

I hope no one writes blog posts about the “Spirit of Mumbai” where everything is forgotten and people wait for the next terrorist attack.

15 thoughts on “Nov 26: Terrorist Attack in Mumbai

  1. given the number of times mumbai has been attacked (and will be attacked if the kaangress remains in power), their won’t be much spirit left to write about.

  2. There are no words to express how bad the situation is in Mumbai, as everybody is talking about Mumbai spirit and how things will get normal again tomorrow. I personally believe that how can anyone get back to normal tomorrow after all this has happened on Mumbai for couple of years. If people don’t react to this and take action nothing is going to change about our country. We often take this as a routine thing and forget it, Why there is no reaction!

  3. It is the Indian government at the center to blame for all these terror strikes taking place throughout the country and the latest being the one in Mumbai where more than 100 have been killed and more than 300 injured. And there is no group named Indian Mujahiddin or Deccan Mujahiddin, it is the Pakistan based terror groups L-e-Toyba and the ISI who are doing all these to make the world believe that there is terrorism breeding inside India. .. Hell with Pakistan and Hell to Islamic Terrorism.. There ought to be a limit of tolerance by the govt. and it needs to be changed to take appropriate measures to eradicate the menace of Islamic terrorism from India.

  4. There’s nothing much to talk about what has happend, but the question is, Where are we going from here onward?
    I totally agree with deepak who pointed that these terrorists are not “INDIAN” but the frustated neighbours who are jelous of development shown by India.
    I don’t have any clue what “jehad” is .If they are so jehadi or whatever then why don’t they call for war?Thats becouse they fear to lose again.
    I think for this incident, the government should not be blamed.
    becouse their way to accomplish the mission was very innovative
    and they truncated the border security which was not so good becouse their was mutual agreement between India and Pakistan that they will never use marine to attack each outher.
    For the terrorist, I prefer a rule to be crual with crual.Thier
    should be a rule in which the terrorist who cought doing such kind of activity or going to do,should be hung in between public with his arms and legs tied let the public do what they want to.

  5. Dear Fellow Indians,
    I am from India.. I am a Indian.. My religion is Indian… My ethnicity is Indian.
    It has always been like this not only in Mumbai but also in The whole of India.
    We will be like this. where we are angry. and we want to do something.. But this does not last more then 2-3 days. We always forget and the most irritating thing is We do not improve our self.
    The questions is what can we do?? It is true an individual can do anything.. But this is India they get suppressed. We have to act together.
    And now its high time. we need to take some appropriate actions.
    ~~ Jai Hind ~~

  6. In the end, it is the extremely poorly paid policemen and army/navy men who came to the rescue!! These are the same men who were being grudged a few rupees in their pay and allowances by the babus and the politicians just a few weeks back. In fact, when they asked for more, the babus and the politicians said that it was a mutiny!! Treated them like bhikharis!! Even now, no one is talking about their pay. Salutes and calling them brave-hearts does not recompense these men! Pay them!! Don’t grudge them their due! Not one of those who saved the Taj could have afforded to have a meal there, forget about staying in a suite there! The babu & the politician will not listen unless enough people talk about this cause.

  7. It is easy to blaim the government, however, the problem is the radical moslum teachings. They are teaching their kids to hate. Teaching them that if they kill infadels they will be rewarded in their God’s world. How can we stop this in a civilized way? How do we convince people that it is better to love than hate? You would think everyone would want to be happy with each other.
    I would surly like to hear the answer to world peace, I think everyone would. God help us!

  8. there is nothing in blaming the gov. but it’s said that the info.,was already given that there is achance of attack.our security system must be somemore strong and we must be ready to face any thing at any moment

  9. omg!!!!
    i dont undestnd y is thear so much terrorism in india….. y du ppl have to kill each othr jus for revenge…..
    i can jus say that forgiving…can also chnge livez…….

  10. Hopif, seriously recomonds ‘Patriot ACT to be initied in India
    India should closely work with Americas,especially on Terror issues before it gets out of Hand!
    All NGO’s should think interms of working as though no govt can come forward on a situation of somthing like 26th episode in bombay.
    While respecting Democratic policies, a school for govt, should be initiated immediatly on the lines of JFK, or Clintons library to educate the currently existing politicians.
    Helping the creator to create!

  11. Although i am not from India and am English, I just wanted to put my heart with the good people of India and send condolences to the family and freinds of those who were taken.
    As a world wide community, we must not be defeated by such terrible acts. Terrorists want to change the way we live our lives, but we must not let them succeed in doing this. They may hurt us, take those we love from us, but we will never have such cold, empty hearts as they do. Often, terrorists claim to be doing the acts in the name of God….I dissagree, these people do not have God in their heart so can never understand the pure blessing of life how we choose to live it.
    Stand tall people of India and you are the worlds largest democracy and that is certainly to be proud of.
    Blessings and love

  12. How long is the world going to sleep. Pakistan is the cradle of terrorism the world over.
    World Bank gives grants to Pakistan to develop it’s economy and they buy F16’s, build Nukes and supply Ammo and training to the global jihadis while their Economy grinds to a halt. When will the world wake up

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