Lost Years of Jesus (2)

Few years back The History Channel showed a documentary titled, The Lost Years of Jesus  which suggested that Jesus could have been in India or England or Qumran or leading a revolution against the Romans in the missing years.

There is a new documentary which says that he was not in all of the above places, but in Egypt. According to this film, titled Jesus: The Lost Years, Joseph, Mary and Jesus escaped to Egypt and “Jesus performed miracles in different towns, he destroyed temples and idols.”

Few months back, there was news about a Jesus Bowl, found in Alexandria, which had an inscription which a French epigrapher translated as “by Christ the magician.” Later it turned out that the words on the bowl did not refer to either “Christ” or “Magician”. That seems to be the case with this theory as well.

Jeffrey Siker, a professor of biblical studies and chair of the Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, said that from a historical perspective, little else is known about Jesus’ youth other than he probably lived in a rural village, spoke Aramaic, studied the Torah and worked in his father’s carpentry trade.

“If you are asking what we do know about the so-called missing years, the answer is nothing,” Siker said. “The lost years of Jesus are always going to be a Christmas special because it sells commercials and is inherently interesting, even though we know nothing about it.” [Documentary explores ‘lost years’ of Jesus – Salt Lake Tribune]

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