The Codex Sinaiticus Model

The Codex Sinaiticus, a Greek Bible written between 330 – 350 C.E., is now available online. This is believed to be one of the fifty copies of Bible commissioned by the Roman Emperor Constantine and the earliest complete copy of the New Testament. Besides displaying the scanned manuscript, the website displays verse by verse transcription and translation in various languages on the right side.

In India, the National Mission for Manuscripts was established to “not merely to locate, catalogue and preserve India’s manuscripts, but also to enhance access, spread awareness and encourage their use for educational purposes.” Right now the cloth, paper and bamboo leaf manuscripts scanned by the mission can only be used as thumbnails and is not of use to any serious remote researcher. By adopting the Codex Sinaiticus model of the British Library, the Mission can genuinely enhance access and spread awareness.

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  1. Why does every browser I use to view the codex–AOL, internet explorer, etc.–crash and throw me out after I access the site?

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