The Butterfly Effect

However, the Government has argued in court that such a bridge cannot exist and to support its claim, it has reffered to the Padma Purana in Ramayan which mentions that Lord Ram destroyed the bridge built by him using his magical bow and arrow.[Oh Lord! Now Govt says Ram destroyed Setu]

President Bush tells Prime Minister Manmohan Singh that the Nuclear deal is valid till the end of his presidency. Manmohan Singh develops spine and asks Karat and Co to become fossil fuel. To win the vote Congress cuts deals with DMK. DMK’s pound of flesh is that the Sethusamundram Shipping Canal Project should go on. Govt. officials read Padma Purana and find that Lord Rama, who did not exist before the vote, not only existed, but he himself destroyed the bridge.

Who would have thought that President Bush flapping his wings in the White House would result in the Govt. accepting the existence of Lord Rama? Even Valimiki could not have come up with such a twist.

2 thoughts on “The Butterfly Effect

  1. Its easy no? A fictitious person destroyed a fictitious bridge, therefore there is no bridge in reality 🙂
    To defeat these modern day Ravans, a fictitious Ram will do.

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