State of Hindu Temples

In Pakistan

The ancient Hindu temple at Katas Raj, some 40 kilometres from Chakwal, has been robbed of all its relics, save for a stone carving depicting a god and a goddess, who are sitting, and two female slaves standing on either side.Kumar accused the Punjab Archaeology Department (PAD) for lack of interest and not providing the temple enough security. He said the temple had been a continuous victim to smugglers of ancient sculptures. He said the surviving statue was priceless and was also in threat of being stolen.[Only one Hindu relic left at Katas Raj temple]

In Tamil Nadu

In the last one month, there have been at least three cases of idol thefts, the latest being Thursday, where a wooden elephant was found being smuggled to France.The exquisitely carved Natarajas, Alwars and Murugans, crafted prior to 12th century have been stolen from these poorly guarded temples and make their way to many foreign countries

Officials from the idol wing say that there are idol thieves active in every district of Tamil Nadu, constantly targeting temples in Tanjavur and Madurai belonging to the Chola period, temples in Kancheepuram and Vellore belonging to the the Pallava period and temples in Tirunelveli belonging to the Pandian period.[Idol thieves target Tamil Nadu temples]


In Balochistan

Lawmakers in Pakistan’s southwest Balochistan assembly have demanded that the federal government drop plans to build a dam in the region as the structure will damage a historical Hindu temple visited by thousands of pilgrims every year.

In a joint resolution moved by several provincial ministers and backed by all lawmakers, except one, members of the assembly wanted the federal government to cancel plans for building the dam on Hangol river that would pass near the Makran coastal highway close to the Hinglaj Mata temple. [Balochistan lawmakers oppose dam construction near temple]

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