World's Oldest Wheat

Wheat, which resulted from a sinful relationship between einkorn and emmer, was previously thought to be 6000 years old, but now..

A series of DNA analyses conducted on ancient wheat samples have led scientists to conclude that the oldest known wheat was grown in Çatalhöyük, a Neolithic settlement in southern Anatolia. Professor Mahinur Akkaya from the Middle East Technical University’s (ODTÜ) department of chemistry says the world’s oldest wheat found so far comes from Çatalhöyük, this according to a series of DNA analyses made on 8,500-year-old wheat samples. “Our discovery is of great importance as it gives us significant insight into the birth of the first civilization in Anatolia. With our analyses, we have shown that the oldest known wheat was grown in Çatalhöyük,” she said in an interview with the Anatolia news agency.[Oldest wheat found in Çatalhöyük]

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