The Chinese Agents in India

Amulya Ganguli writes about the Indian Communists and who they owe allegiance to.

In this tussle for supremacy, India is at a disadvantage because China can count on whatever support it can receive from its friends in India. The latter’s strenuous efforts to scuttle the nuclear deal is evidently a part of their tactic of undermining India’s ambition to secure the “Big 5 plus 1” position at the high table of diplomacy. The CPM has even been candid enough to admit that one of its reasons for opposing the deal is that the resultant proximity to the US will enable America to encircle China with India’s help. Even if this is indeed the American objective, such an alliance will also have the potential of curbing China’s bellicosity in the north-east, especially in “southern Tibet”, as Beijing likes to call Arunachal Pradesh.

Like the Chinese, the Indian communists believe in the untenable “colonial” nature of the McMahon Line, which calls for adjustments although the Chinese have had no hesitation in accepting the same line in Myanmar. Given this stance, it is hardly surprising that in 1962, E M S Namboodiripad had argued, according to Mohit Sen in his book, A Traveller and the Road: the Journey of an Indian Communist, that “the Chinese had entered territory that they thought was theirs and hence there was no question of aggression as far as they were concerned”.[Together They Stand]

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