The World as seen from United States

This presentation by the CEO of Public Radio International does not reveal any new information to people who are used to watching Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton every other day, while major events happen around the world. For an American resident looking for intelligent news, cable news offers no help. After watching World News on any of the major networks, you will realized that (a) it is not about news, but about the anchors (Hey I am Katie Couric, I am reading news!) and (b) World in this case means America.

The only place where you get intelligent, in depth analysis of world events is Public Radio, which is mostly funded by the listeners. Programs like Forum, Fresh Air, On Point, and Charlie Rosecover topics which are uninteresting to the MSM, but still none of them match Economist in terms of breadth.

One thought on “The World as seen from United States

  1. The map is very similar to what Bill Bryson had depicted in one of this books. Americans do tend to have a hyperbole when it comes to news coverage. Read both the NY Times and Guardian sites regularly and the latter usually strikes a much better balance between local and international news.

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