The Delhi High Court Strikes Again

After coming up with a verdict upholding freedom of speech, the Delhi High Court is now asking why the Government is just concerned with the welfare of one minority religion, ignoring the poor in other religions and the majority community.

“Is this meant to appease some community? If you intend to fight poverty, cut across religions and communities and fight. Never mind whether it is a Hindu poor or a Muslim poor,” said Justice Thakur. “The Sachar Committee report is for all. Of course, there are certain Muslim dominated areas where there is no development at all,” the ASG said.

To this, the Bench said: “So are you saying there are no Hindu slums?”

“Tell us Mr Malhotra, in our Constitutional framework, can a welfare scheme say we concentrate only on the benefit of one community and not for all?… A lot of money is spent in a welfare state, is it that you (Centre) spend it only for one minority community?” the Bench asked the ASG.[Sachar: HC asks Govt aren’t you appeasing, what about majority? (email from Nitin)]

Though the Bench did not mention the word vote bank, they made it very clear to the ASG that they have seen through him. Still the disturbing thing about this debate is that it is on religious lines. What happens to poor atheists?

One thought on “The Delhi High Court Strikes Again

  1. Hello,
    I could not agree more with the high court for the simple reason that it does appear that the government is leaning increaingly towards appeasing one group/ religion over another.
    as an indian citizen the only fair and objective measure to gauge whether assistance is required or not is financial status.
    true, certain sections are impovorished due to their social standing. but that being said a policy of ‘ seemingly affirmative action;, will only cement these negative social factors and their influence.

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