Lotta Examined Lives

Learning philosophy is in vogue. Students at various universities are registering for Philosophy 101 classes, reading Socrates and debating the metaphysics behind “The Matrix”.

David E. Schrader, executive director of the American Philosophical Association, a professional organization with 11,000 members, said that in an era in which people change careers frequently, philosophy makes sense. “It’s a major that helps them become quick learners and gives them strong skills in writing, analysis and critical thinking,” he said.

Max Bialek, 22, was majoring in math until his senior year, when he discovered philosophy. He decided to stay an extra year to complete the major (his parents needed reassurance, he said, but were supportive).

“I thought: Why weren’t all my other classes like that one?” he said, explaining that philosophy had taught him a way of studying that could be applied to any subject and enriched his life in unexpected ways. “You can talk about almost anything as long as you do it well.”[In a New Generation of College Students, Many Opt for the Life Examined]

If this trend stays, then reading Ravikiran will be required in many graduate schools.

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