Indian History Carnival – 2


(Image from the Hoysala trail by backpacker)

The Indian History Carnival, published on the 15th of every month, is a collection of posts related to Indian history and archaeology.

  1. Sukumar finds a connection between Gonds and Australian aborgines. He says Gonds are one of the oldest people in India.

  2. Dr. James F. McGrath wrote, “the Aryans were, most probably, well-established in India long before the purported Aryan invasion would allegedly have occurred.” Here at varnam we analyzed The Genetic Distance between Karunanidhi and Mallika Sherawat .

  3. Dr. Arvind Sharma quotes Greek and Latin sources to write how Greeks perceived the Indians, and how the Indians perceived themselves, in or around the fourth century B.C.E. “The point which stands out clearly from these accounts is that the Indians are considered a diverse and polyglot people.”

  4. Rastrakutas are of Kannadiga origin.

  5. Manish Khamesra has Part 1 of his travel to Fatepur Sikri. “This magnificent fortified city, built between 1565-1585, was the capital of Mughal Empire for around 15 yrs during Akbar’s reign.” (via Desi Pundit)

  6. Backpakker has images of the Holy Rosary Church built by French Missionaries around 1860. (via Desi Pundit). She also has images from the Hoysala trail (1,2,3)

  7. Rohit finds a 29th December 1930 speech by Muhammad Iqbal in which he expresses the philosophical basis for Pakistan. Gaurav thinks, “that (dubious) honour goes to speech given in 1888 by Sir Syyed Ahmend Khan to a gathering of Muslim intellectuals”

  8. Ratheesh has a short review of John Keay’s India Discovered. “I think India Discovered is also a must-read for every Indian to understand how our glorious past was discovered, studied and protected by foreigners, who didn’t always have great support from their Governments.”

  9. Rohit also has a post which shows that Gandhi made Nehru India’s first Prime Minister.

  10. Dr. Bhaskar Dasgupta came across a paper on the partition of India written by a famous professional geographer, Oskar Spate who  served on the Punjab Boundary Commission. It explains how various parts of the country were divided between Indian and Pakistan.

  11. Dr. Subrato Roy writes about the lessons from the 1962 war.
  12. Delhi Assembly Deputy Speaker Shoaib Iqbal has demanded that Bharat Ratna be conferred on the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar. B. Shantanu thinks it is more than a joke.

If you find any posts related to Indian history please send it to jk AT varnam DOT org or use this form. The next carnival will be up on March 15th.

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7 thoughts on “Indian History Carnival – 2

  1. First of all accept my congratulations for a carnival on India History.
    Kindly let us know when did this activity start? I am regular visitor on Carnivals and it was a pleasing surprise to find that there is now a dedicated carnival on India history. It further a matter of joy that it will be a fortnightly affair. The consortium of carnivals which I follow, has a carnival on Asian History but they appears only after three months and there is mostly request for volunteers for taking up the job of selecting the posts.
    Anyhow, accept my congratulations.

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