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Here is Gireesh Gupta, Associate Professor at Belmont Abbey College writing about the history of Hinduism

Around 1500 B.C.E., Indo-Aryans entered India through the northwest region. Scholars differ on the exact venue where the Indo-Aryans lived before migrating into India. Some scholars believe that they came to India from Central Asia.[Hinduism is one of the Oldest Religions of the World]

According to some genetic studies done recently Indo-European speaking population did not come from Central Asia and were native to the subcontinent for a few millennia. At least you can tell the Professor to read those papers, but what do you tell Charlene Wilkinson of Guyana?

My North American years were instructive. I discovered a culture of African American scholars who understood the centrality of Black people in the creation of human civilization. I learned that the Indus Valley civilization of India was a Black one before the coming of the Aryan invaders;[I beg you to turn away from shallow arrogance]

One thought on “Aryan Watch

  1. Certainly an interesting blog. Imagine this – there are lots of sound-proof cubicles in a row. All social identites of the world – Hindu India, Muslim superpower, Aryan champs, Dalit heroes, Dravida something, Welsh something, White …, Black …, Japani, Korean, Nepali, women, Scottish …, are all in a cubicle each. All of them are masturbating and screaming loudly that they are the best, they are the best.
    You got to give it to Wilkinson in Guyana. Its a land of racial tensions. Our ‘Aryan brothers’ (incidentally Iranians, who are Muslims, beat their chest much much louder about being Aryan; Iran/Aryan) are better off than the Black people, who are a majority (remember Muslim invaders story; them ruling for 500 years or whatever despite being minority).
    And who can stop anyone from masturbating in a cubicle. We all do it in our little corners of the world. Dravida/Aryan/Black all fantasize about the same woman and go faster and harder as more signs of civilisation would be found in IVC sites. One day they will …
    And what is funnier about the Aryan thing is that before Harappa was discovered all Aryan theorists claimed to be from somewhere/anywhere in the West so that we could be closer to our white masters. Tilak even said that Aryans came from the Arctic circle, which is nothing but frozen water! Caspian Sea (Kashyap sagar – PN Oak said), Central Asia, Germany (my dad), Romania, all were proposed to be the homeland of the Aryans. But then lo and behold, Indians discovered the Indus Valley and ever since then Aryans became homegrown. Native to the land. Why? coz there was no need to be from anywhere in the West, coz there was already signs of being civilised in the backyard. Today no one says that the Aryans came from anywhere. They were here right here since the beginning of time. Fickle humanity.
    I believe Aryan is the territory from roughly say Caucasus to the Ganga (in west UP). Remember Persian and Sanskrit are sisters. Hindi/Urdu is nothing but corrupt Persian and/or Sanskrit. And yes you gotta be fair-skinned. Its funny to see dark-skinned assholes like Katiyar and Togadia talking about Aryan. A true Aryan wouldnt even spit on them.

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