Whose mother?

The Pyramids of Caral

Caral, in Barranca province, Peru, is one of the oldest cities of the Americas. The site was inhabited between 2627 BCE and 2020 BCE and had  an elaborate complex of temples, an amphitheatre and ordinary houses.The official web site of the project lists all those societies which created civilization: Mesopotamia, Egypt, India, Peru, China and Mesoamerica. The web site calls Caral,the oldest civilization of America.

Writing in the Times of India, Shobhan Saxena decided to be more Peruvian than the Peruvians themselves, According to him, Caral is the mother of all civilisations. He also writes, “the earliest known civilisation in South
Americas—at 2,627 BC–was much older than the Harappa Valley towns
and the pyramids of Egypt.” Shobhan needs to know something: Google is your friend. The Indus valley civilization had its roots in Mehrgarh and reached the Mature phase by 2600 BCE. Ancient Egyptian civilization began around 3150 BC and they were building pyramids by the time of Caral.

One more thing. Even Tom Friedman does not use metaphors like “mother of all something” these days.

One thought on “Whose mother?

  1. Shoban Saxena again?
    He has a very infamous article “Bloggers’ Rubbish”
    Lets keep the meaning, if any , of that article aside.
    In that article, he writes “Every 10 minutes, some three million NEW bloggers invade the WWW with a vengeance. ”
    By his logic, 432 million or 43 crore bloggers are added everyday.
    Again, he didn’t Google the population of the Earth.

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