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Reader Sabarish wants varnam readers to share their experience in learning Sanskrit. We would like to know how you learned it (Samskrita Bharati, self taught, any other organizations, teachers etc.), the books you used (eg, Sanskritasya Vyavaharikaswaroopam) and what you think is the best way to learn.

Any tips and words of wisdom will benefit lot of readers as my post on Sanskrit Revival seems to have generated good interest.

8 thoughts on “Learning Sanskrit

  1. I learnt Sanskrit in school, what I call the conventional way. Then as an adult, I attended Samskrita Bharathi Speak Sanskrit in 10 days course in the Bay Area. The latter is a totally fun way, makes Sanskrit very approachable and will motivate you to learn more Sanskrit. I highly recommend Samkritha Bharathi for learning Sanskrit.

  2. Having invested some time in learning Samskrtam all by myself, its quite clear to me that the guidance of a guru will be really valuable. When we learn by ourselves we just don’t labor consistently enough (especially when you have kids) and of course, we miss the tips and the easier routes that gurus would know.
    Ha, if only i had been serious enough when my grandpa was running behind me to teach me…

  3. I started to learn Sanskrit at the MIT classes which were recently featured here:
    I had never been exposed to Sanskrit. Samskrita Bharati’s conversational model works – I just wish I had more time for doing the homework. But I still managed to keep up (barely!).
    They has a four day residential retreat at the end of Aug. I am hoping to attend that. Perhaps that will jumpstart my interest and get me going.
    Their books are pretty decent, and i use them to brush up on some of the things we discuss in class.
    Very refreshing.

  4. i’m interested in taking a beginner level sanskrit class for adults in san francisco-south bay, California. do you know of any classes coming up? do you know teachers who may be interested in giving private tuition. thank you!

  5. san,
    You best bet is to look for Samskrita Bharati schedules online. You can contact them to see if anyone is willing to give private tuitions.

  6. I had learned the basics in high school , later i found the chitrapur math site to be very innovtative and useful in teaching sanskrit , the lessons are simple with detailed practices in the end you can find it here http://www.chitrapurmath.net/sanskrit/sanskrit_Iesson.asp or in pdf form here

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