Eight things about me

I have been tagged by
and so here are some random facts about me which will enrich your life.

  1. I always wanted to be an astronaut. That dream came to an end on the
    realization that I puke even on the simplest of a theme park rides.
  2. I hate bananas. This is considered very strange for a Malayali.
  3. One of the countries I have lived is Brazil.
  4. Till 1999 I had no interest in history. After that I got deeply interested,
    but there is no defining moment for that transition, unless it can be proved
    that the revolt against white washed history by the eminent historians lay
    dormant in my subconscious mind and during one session of meditation that
    vritti came
    to the surface and manifested)
  5. I have met
  6. I cannot cook. The only thing I can make to perfection is green tea and that
    too only if hot water and tea bags are provided.
  7. In college I (along with three others) hand wrote a monthly class newspaper
    which pissed of pretty much everyone in the class.
  8. I had an e-mail address in 1993 in India.

Now I tag the following eight:
Sabarish and
Kuttan. I hope all of
you have read enough chain mails to know what will happen to you if you don’t
continue this meme.

17 thoughts on “Eight things about me

  1. Thanks a lot, JK.
    I think I may have already missed the deadline 🙁
    …but I have a good excuse – there is a *hot* on-going discussion happening on my blog re. Hindutva, Islam etc…thats keeping me a bit busy (not to mention work!)…
    Will try and do my bit as soon as possible..

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