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Some of the major headlines in United States today are related to the war in Iraq,  the Lal Masjid siege,  the presidential candidate parade in Iowa, the heat wave striking the west coast, the new al-Qaeda video, and the terrorist attack in Scotland. For some reason, CNN thinks that the top story of the day is the plight of Hindu widows (not South Asian widows), in Vrindavan.

Why is this the most important story in the United States today? 

2 thoughts on “CNN's World

  1. This is typical of press in US.
    I have been following this trend for at least two years now.
    during 7/11, the Washington post headline the next day was how infant females in Punjab are killed by immersion in boiling milk or something to that effect.

  2. Why is this important?
    Its a good diversionary tactic to jeer at meek ‘natives’ who are not likely to retaliate by slicing off important parts of the white-man’s anatomy (namely his head).
    Unlike saying, say, something about genital mutilation in Saudi Arabia — which will result in immediate oil crises, bombings, embassy peltings and riots.
    This is no longer the world of “Satyameva jayate” — this is the world of “jiski lathi, uski bhains”

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