Future King or Court Jester?

Rahul Gandhi, son of Rajiv Gandhi, Grand Son of Indira Gandhi and Great Grand Son of Jawaharlal Nehru, all of whom have done great service to the nation, has been projected as the future of Uttar Pradesh by none other than our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

By claiming that if his family were in charge of the country, the demolition of Babri Masjid would not have happened he showed that he is clueless about what happened during that era. Now he has come up with some more gems which explains why every road and every building in the country is named after the Gandhi family.

Rahul said that his family had always worked for a vision for the future, but in the past too, members of the Gandhi family have achieved the goals they have initiated like the freedom of the country, dividing Pakistan into two and leading the nation to the 21st century. [Rahul: Gandhis divided Pak]

The British have their Royals who provide entertainment to the masses at the tax payers expense and now have got our own Russel Peters. The scary thing is that this comedian could one day become our Prime Minister.

5 thoughts on “Future King or Court Jester?

  1. Foreigners!
    If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Sonia Gandhi (mother of India’s future), they will have a common topic to talk about. As per American laws, Arnold cannot be the President of United States since he is a citizen by naturalization….

  2. Whether he is jester or not, he’ll be future king because of the way our political system rotates between two coalitions and no dares to question the Tuglak in Congress I.

  3. Politics and politicians, never fail to ‘entertain’ the general public. In this never ending race of, who is a bigger joker, another one joins. In his latest ‘crusade’ with shrill and ‘hollow’ “I, me and My family campaign”. He has once again, landed his foot where it usually ends up – in his mouth.[…]

  4. Clown Prince Syndrome
    After Mr. Future of India, Rahul Gandhi,  claimed that his party got freedom for India and divided Pakistan and did various sundry things, the party men seems to have got the idea on how to take it further. The booklet –…

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