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Last month, Discovery Channel’s planned telecast of The Jesus Tomb was scuttled by Joseph Diaz, the General Secretary of Catholic Secular Forum. Mr. Diaz without even watching the documentary, clairvoyantly assumed that it trivializes the Bible and would hurt the sentiments of people. Christian population in Christian majority countries and the Vatican had no issues with the documentary and in such countries Discovery Channel went with the telecast. In India they meekly submitted.

This time Joseph Diaz was able to step in at the right time and prevent people from seeing the documentary. We fear that sometimes things may slip through, like for example, he forgot to get the book, Da Vinci Code banned.  Books like Satanic Verses and Dwikhandita could only be banned in time because the concerned people were alert.

Also it is not just book banning that requires help. Political parties and communal organizations need help in disrupting the life of Indian citizens for matters which have nothing to do with India like the hanging of Saddam Hussein or the Palestinian issue. Besides this there are various effigy burning worth national incidents, like Khusboo’s remarks on sex, or India losing to High School cricket teams or the Shilpa Shetty- Big Brother incident.

Facing an information overload, political parties,  communal organizations and concerned citizens like Joseph Diaz may not be able to step in at the right time. Joseph Diaz would be wishing  if there were some sort of service which would tell him what to ban and what to protest at the right time. For example, does he know about the Gospel of Judas and various books that have been written about it. Why did the effigy burning crowd miss out important world events like death of Anna Nicole Smith or Daniel Radcliffe appearing nude  on stage for Equus?

A new business with a mission statement like, “Do only evil”, could make money in such a market. This new business will keep track of all events national and international that are worth protesting. It will also keep track of movies, public statements and cartoons and inform the right protestors. Besides this the business will provide value add by supplying protestors and life like effigies at a reasonable cost. It will also co-ordinate the protests so that embarrassing incidents can be avoided.

With such a service, Mr. Diaz and his types can sleep peacefully at night knowing that someone is diligently working on their behalf. He can know that they will work hard or else they will have to face the consequences – like their effigy being burned.

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  1. Foreigners!
    If California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Sonia Gandhi (mother of India’s future), they will have a common topic to talk about. As per American laws, Arnold cannot be the President of United States since he is a citizen by naturalization….

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