Harappan site in Jamnagar

One more Harappan site in Saurashtra offers a glimpse into history

The site is at Pithad village in Jodia taluka of Jamnagar district. The remains of the Harappan site have been excavated by a team from MSU.

“It is a huge wall which appears to have been constructed to protect the village. It is 270 metre in length and 90 metre in width. It is constructed on a mound, which is 2-3 metre high from the surface,’’ said Ajith Prasad, a reader with MSU, who is leading the excavation team.

“The excavation at this site began last year, and this is the second session of excavation. Earlier, small kilns to make clay utensils were found. Ovens to melt meats were also found. Besides, pieces of clay utensils, weapons made up of stones, rooms, kitchens were also found. “Our study suggests that here a Harappan civilasation existed precisely around 2300 BC. Further, the study based on excavation and its finding confirms that Harappan civilisation settlements were done with good planning,” said Prasad.

The excavation has revealed the presence of a settlement inside as well as outside the fortified wall. “The inside area was used for craft activity and residential purpose. In the area outside the wall, there settled those who were not included in the town management,’’ said Prasad.

Other Harappan Sites discovered are Rakhigarhi (Haryana), Bagasara & Rapar (Gujarat),  and Baghpat (Uttar Pradesh)

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