Dwaraka Update (1)

Medieval age structure and objects found in Dwarka

The recovery of structural remains of medieval age by underwater wing of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) off the coast of this pilgrim town has once again raised hopes of the discovery of Lord Krishna’s legendary city of Dwarka that is reported to have submerged.
The recent off-shore excavation by ASI has revealed a structure of stone blocks with post holes to fit wood. Moreover, the team excavating the area have found coins, pottery, pieces of bangles and toys.
Alok Tripathi of the ASI said that the excavation near the northern gate of Dwarkadish temple has revealed some structural remains of medieval age. Officials said that the discovery is an important landmark as it set to rest the doubts expressed by historians about the very existence of the legendary Dwarka city.[Medieval age structure and objects found in Dwarka]

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2 thoughts on “Dwaraka Update (1)

  1. Evenif Purani Dwaraka is excavated it does not prove the existance of ‘Krishna’ or any of the ‘Pandavas’.So the event has no relevenace with the idea of legend becoming fact.We should be reasonable and accept the history of Indian geography.No one should go ga ga over such excavation and start beating drums of hindu might and such other things!

  2. Its not about harping the Hindu might. It is about accepting our mythology as history and being proud of it. Up till now Dwaraka was myth. Now it is history. We should be rightly proud of our glorious past and our great heritage. We should all learn and preserve our advanced ancient heritage and knowledge rather than blindly aping the west.

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