The 1921 Model

It was on  March 3rd, 1924 that Kemal Ataturk abolished the Caliphate and transferred the power to to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. But sometime in 1921, rumors spread in India that the Caliphate was abolished  and violence erupted in Kerala.

Arsonists took to the street, burning and destroying government property. The initial focus was on the British, but when the limited presence of the British was eliminated, Moplahs turned their full attention on the Hindus. One Mohommed Haji was proclaimed the Caliph of the Moplah Khilafat and flags of Islamic Caliphate were flown. Ernad and Walluvanad were declared Khilafat kingdoms.[Moplah rebellion]

Following that there was a large scale murder of Hindus for something which happened in some other part of the world. This 1921 model is now being followed again to destroy lives and trigger communal trouble.

Saddam Hussein, the butcher of Iraq was captured and hanged and immediately there were protests in Kerala. That is nothing new for the goal in Kerala is to have a hartal every day and any reason including Britney Spears’ divorce is acceptable.

In Bangalore, it has taken a communal turn. Three weeks after the hanging, a protest was organized, deliberately to coincide with with a Hindu Samajotsav planned four months in advance. Then the predictable happened followed by the spin. All the usual suspects were blamed without any analysis of the intention of the Saddam fans.

Another “great” leader, Fidel Castro is either dead or is in the process of dying and it is time to wonder how many Indians will be killed for it.


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