Troubling people again..

The other day, Kerala High Court struck down certain provisions of Self Financing Professional Colleges Act enacted by the Communists. According to the court some of the provisions of the act were unconstitutional and would violate the fundamental rights of the petitioners.

The sections declared null and void include admission to professional self-financing colleges through a single entrance exam.

The government’s power to decide the minority status of institutions providing reservation to SCs and STs and deciding fee structure have also been struck down.

This is a setback for the CPM led government, which had taken on the private professional college[Kerala HC slams private college’s rule]

Delivering the verdict the court gave a lecture and said that such private colleges should be encouraged and the Government should stop interfering in their business. I though the court would send copies of Lexus and the Olive Tree to the Honorable Ministers, but it did not.

One man, Kerala School Teachers’ Association (KSTA) general secretary A.K. Chandran went so far as to tell the High Court of Kerala that this was against the “spirit” of the constitution. Since the judiciary has turned down something you would think the natural course would be to appeal the decision till all options are exhausted. Then that would be very un-commie.  Public life has to be disrupted and some agitation has to be planned.

Terming the High Court Division Bench’s judgment revoking certain key sections in the Kerala Professional Colleges Act “a verdict against the collective will of the people in the State,” the Students Federation of India (SFI) State leaders have warned of an intense agitation on the issue.

SFI State secretary M. Swaraj and president P. Sindhu Joy said at a press conference here on Thursday that the SFI would organise student marches to the High Court and 13 district courts on January 15 to protest against the judgment, which, they alleged, favoured commercial interests in the education sector. [SFI plans agitation]

The idea of private businesses free from Government control must be more shocking to the Communists than Saddam’s hanging. If this were China, then all this court business could have been avoided, but thankfully we live in a country where there is a sensible judiciary.

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