On Hartals and Bandhs

Dog’s own country has an excellent post on the frequent Hartals and Bandhs which costs Rs. 233 per Keralite for a single day’s shutdown

Most people can point quite readily to the source. Public employees are not required to keep attendance and the costs of cutting work are far lower for them as they are salaried employees. The opportunity cost is even lower for politicians. In fact, they actually gain voting lobbies in the form of government workers and trade union members through such stunts. In contrast, employees in private firms have much to lose by resorting to coercive forms of protest. That is why you see one or two private bus strikes every year. And even those do not lead to full-scale shutdowns. The power to paralyze life has come to define the life of the public sector.[ How Hartals and Bandhs Hijacked our State]

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