More Catholic than…

While Israel was bombing Lebanon and Hezbollah was firing missiles randomly into Israeli civilian population, the Lok Sabha passed a resolution condemning the Israeli attack on Lebanon.

‘‘Deeply concerned over escalation of this conflict which affects India’s security and other vital interests, this House calls for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire so that further destruction of Lebanon is prevented,’’ Chatterjee said, reading out the resolution reflecting what he said was ‘‘mood of the House’’.


The Lok Sabha in the resolution expressed ‘‘its deepest condolences, sympathy and support of the People of India to the people of Lebanon in this difficult time.’’[House slams Israel strike on Lebanon]

After triggering the incident with the kidnap of two Israeili soldiers, Hezbollah, a member of the Lebanese Parliament did not exactly sing Raghupati Raghava Raja Raam. They lobbed the Second World War era Katyusha missiles and used the Lebanese people as human shields. The four thousand missiles, packed with metal ball bearings to maximize harm found 39 civilian targets. The head of Hezbollah  openly called for a genocide against Israel.

While condemning Israel, the Indian Parliament did not find it necessary to condemn the Hezbollah terrorists for their activities. It did not ask Hezbollah to disarm nor did the Parliament criticize Nazrallah. For a nation which proudly advertises itself as the two decade old victim of cross border terrorism, it seemed odd that they would ignore the cross border terrorism from Lebanon as the cause of the most recent conflict.

At Least the Lebanese people have more balls in this regards. They had no problems putting the blame on Nazrallah and his Iranian sponsors. Leaders of the March 14th movement have demanded an investigation into the circumstances that led to the war. Prominent Hezbollah supporters have asked the militia to disband. Shiite leaders rejected the war started by Hezbollah. Even the spokesman for Nazrallah is now against him.

Being more Catholic than the Pope is not something new to us. When the Communists wanted to cut all ties with Israel, the Palestinians said they did not want anything like that. Now will the Lok Sabha issue a statement against all the Shiites  criticizing Nazrallah? Will we invite Nazrallah to India and give him some Nehru, Gandhi, Award?

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