Comrades, Use Google Calendar

Google Calendar, besides having cool Ajax features like click and add, drag and drop also allows you to share your calendar with others. You can create a calendar for your local cricket team schedule, another one for  your Java Users Group and share it with the people involved. You can also import global calendars like the list of Indian Holidays and the Wimbledon schedule and view it alongside your personal calendar. These features are quite easy to use and one group which could benefit from this is the monkey brigade of the Kerala Communists (Official Motto: Taking Kerala back to Parasurama’s time).

Recently members of DYFI, protesting against the recent hike in fuel prices decided to block trains. There was one problem though.

The young comrades of the DYFI here were not lucky enough to squat before a moving train that chugged on to the railway station.

Reason: their fellow agitators in other parts of Malabar had already detained a few trains in various stations. As a result, the DYFI activists in Kozhikode had to agitate in front of a stationary passenger train, shunted to the yard.[The not so lucky comrades]

If they had used Google Calendar, the folks in other parts of Malabar could have listed which trains they were blocking, thus preventing  this major embarrassment for the comrades in Kozhikode. If not for this comedy routine, the protest would have been a success and the price of crude would have fallen in the global market.

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