Rashomon Effect – Episode 4

Two Indian parliamentarians talk to American Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice together. When they come out they have two stories on what the Secretary said
Shahid Siddiqui

Rajya Sabha member Shahid Siddiqui of the Samajwadi Party told reporters that ‘our main concern was over expected amendments to the legislation, but she (Rice) said, if the amendments are within the spirit of the July 18 agreement, then you should be prepared for it.The message was that there are going to be amendments and we should be ready for it’.

Sachin Pilot

But Sachin Pilot of the Congress party told rediff.com that Rice had not spoken about any amendments but agreed that ‘the essence of the agreement is what we should focus on and that’s what we are going to achieve. That whatever the understanding the two governments have, that’s what it is. There’s been no additions or deleting’.

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