Bas-relief of Adi Sankara

Where did Adi Sankara write Soundaryalahari? Mount Kailas, Kanyakumari or Kashmir? A stone pillar bas-relief image, supposed to be of Sankara has been found in Bhagavathy Amman temple at Kanyakumari.

Centre secretary Padmanabhan, who undertook the research, said the Adi Sankara might have visited the temple during his pilgrimage, called Sankara Vijayam. The image in sitting pose is carved as bas-relief facing north. A `Danda’ (the staff of an ascetic) is seen in his right hand with a piece of cloth tied near the top.
The image is evidence for the saint’s visit to the temple; it also corroborates the theory that Adi Sankara wrote Soundaryalahari at Kanyakumari. [ Bas-relief, said to be of Sankara, found]

How does having a bas-relief in a temple prove that he wrote a specific book there?

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