Another Harappan site in Gujarat

The ruins of the Harappan Civilization (3300 – 1600 BCE) are being found all over North India now. Recently a Harappan burrial site was found in Baghpat in Uttar Pradesh. There was a mummified body wearing copper bracelets and the site had pottery and other artifacts dating back to the Indus Valley civilisation. Then a site dating back to 2500 BCE was found in Bagasara in Gujarat. This site, considered to be a parallel rural civilization to Harappa was found to have a shell making workshop, fortifications, and knives with bone handles. Then another site was found in Farmana Khas in Haryana.
Now a well developed site has been discovered in Rapar area of Gujarat’s Kutch District.

In the excavation, structure of a strong outer wall, some 9.5 metre high, foodgrains like rice, wheat, barley, lentils etc were recovered from some 30 trenches, Director of excavation team Jeevan Singh Kharakwal said on Friday.
“The first phase excavation indicates a well developed and mature Harappan town,” he said.
The trenches also revealed some sections of streets or lanes suggesting the kind of town that might have existed. Kharakwal said that deposits were found at various depth of 10 to 12 metres indicating four different cultural stages.
During excavation, the team also discovered microliths weighing around 134 grams made of steatite (soapstones) and pottery belonging to mature Harappan and late Harappan period. [Harappan town excavated in Gujarat]

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