Law Suit against State Board in California

The 6th grade text book controversy in California is taking a new turn. An organization called California Parents for the Equalization of Educational Material has filed a complaint against the State Board of Education.

The civil rights of Hindu schoolchildren are violated by advancing an inaccurate and derogatory picture of Hinduism in sixth grade school textbooks. California Department of Education and State Board of Education meetings on the matter failed to address Hindu concerns. Hindus are being discriminated.
Various Hindu groups and parents participated in this process since the Sixth grade History-Social Sciences textbooks came up for adoption last year. After being let down by the CDE and SBE, the parents decided to move the court and restore civil rights and forbid discriminatory practice against Hindus. Most importantly, the school children are the ones who will be suffering damage due to derogatory presentation in the textbook. Many students, from past and present, have spoken to CDE and SBE about their experience in the classroom and that what is taught in the school has nothing to do with what they know and practice at home.

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