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What makes Indians laugh? According to Albert Brooks, it is the other guy. In an interview on Fresh Air, he talks about how he traveled to India and got a crew of Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs to film – Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World. The Hindus would tell him Sikh jokes and Sikhs would tell Muslim jokes.
He then talks about his experience in filming in India, where he had to get permission from various authorities in at various levels to film. Then there was no crowd control and once he had to pay a bunch of Indian Army reservists to hold people back so that they would look into the lens. Indians love Americans which was like a surprise for him. He reasons it out by saying that all Indian anger is perpetually directed at the British and so Americans are considered friends.
The only question I have is, if he was looking for comedy in the Muslim world, why did he go to India?
Listen to the interview here.

4 thoughts on “Looking for comedy

  1. JK,
    Well not surprising considering that even Indira Gandhi (? )was eager to get the membership of OIC.
    PS Can you link the new history blog on the main page ?
    At present it links to the run away blog

  2. Hehe… yeah. I wonder why he didn’t go to any middle-east country to film this. Perhaps he knew this Indian love for Americans before filming? 🙂

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