Rashomon Effect – Episode 3

What were Mahatma Gandhi’s last words?
Tushar Gandhi:

Mahatma Gandhi’s last words after he was shot by Nathuram Godse on January 30, 1948 were `Hey Ram’, the Mahatma’s great grandson Tushar Gandhi said here today.
He cited testimony of Sardar Gurbachan Singh given during the Gandhiji’s assassination trial in 1948. “Singh said that after being shot at, Bapu folded his hands and I heard him utter `Hey Ram'”, he said.
Abha Gandhi, on whose lap Gandhiji died, said Bapu did not only say Hey Ram once but the chant of Hey Ram went on for a few seconds he lived after being shot, Gandhi said.

Venkita Kalyanam, Mahatma’s personal assistant

Mahatma Gandhi did not utter hey Ram when he fell to the bullets of the assassin 58 years ago, Gandhi’s personal assistant Venkita Kalyanam.
In fact, he did not utter anything when bullets from Nathuram Godse’s pistol pierced his chest, Kalyanam, who was a witness to the shocking event, told a meet-the-press in Kollam.
Kalyanam claimed he was just behind Gandhi when he was shot dead in Delhi on January 30, 1948.

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