Palm Leaf January Roundup

For those of you who don’t know the existence of The Palm Leaf, it is a blog focussed on Indian history, hosted here at Here is a sample of interesting posts from Janurary.
An important discussion in Indian history is if the Aryan invasion really happened? Did the Aryans bring ariculture to India.? According to research by Stephen Oppenheimer, Michael Petraglia and Hannah James, people migrated from Africa to the India and then to rest of the world and all non-African people are descendents of these people. Jonathan Mark Kenoyer who has been excavating in Harappa for many years thinks that there was no invasion and genetic studies agree with him. According to a study done at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory in Calcutta, Indians do not owe much genetic makeup to central Asians. Excavations done by the Archaeological Survey of India at Lahura-Deva in Uttar Pradesh has revealed that people in the Middle Ganga Valley started farming much before the Europeans.
Recent archaeological excavations led to the discovery of what is considered to be the oldest fort in Kerala. This fort was built by the kings of the Ay dynasty which ruled the land between Nagercoil and Thiruvalla from 7th to 11th century AD with Vizhinjam as the capital. From Kerala there were more details about the Kadakkarapally Boat which was considered to be a thousand years old, but turned out to be built sometime between the 13th and 15th centuries.
Such exciting discoveries are happening now and The Palm Leaf covers it all. Please add it to your blogroll.

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