Herbal Beer

A healthy herbal beer, invented by an Indian is to hit UK markets. The beer promises much less hangover. Lady Bird Bio Beer contains aloe vera – more commonly found in health food shops – and medicinal herbs.
The beer has the same alcohol strength – five per cent – like all other regular beer. The difference however, according to its inventor Dr Srinivasa Amarnath is that it will leave you with less of a sore head.
Dr Amarnath, who has apparently worked on the particular beer for a decade claims it, has health benefits. He claims it can alleviate conditions such as asthma and arthritis. [Indian to launch herbal beer in UK]

What more can one ask for? Beer that can reduce asthma and has other potential health benefits. You don’t need herbal beer for regular beer is capable of all that. After a six pack, most health problems are usually solved, well atleast till you wake up. Now since we are on the health route, if he could add some flax seed and anti-oxidants to it, then there could be a huge market in California.

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