Our Friends, the Saudis

“Fish are friends, not food”. That’s what Chum tells Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo. Similarly the establishment in India keeps on repeating that Arab countries are our friends. Recently Natwar Singh suggested that it was the relationship with Arab countries that guided India’s foreign relations. Nutwar, did not produce this logic out of the blue for it has been used before by the Indian Blogosphere’s favourite football, Jawaharlal Nehru. Once when Albert Einstein asked for Nehru’s support for the creation of Israel, he produced some kind of warped logic involving Muslims not to support it.
For all this obeisance, countries like Saudi Arabia reciprocate by funding more madrassas and not supporting India’s position on Kashmir. On top of it, they are allowing the country to be used as a venue for planning terrorist activities against India. Syed Salahuddin is visiting the holy land for haj and “other” reasons.

Salahuddin has been living in Pakistan ever since he crossed the border from Indian-controlled Jammu and Kashmir 18 years ago, leaving behind his wife and children behind there, The Times of India said. He has invited like-minded people to come to Saudi Arabia where they can then together find ways to revive the ebbing momentum of terrorism in the Valley of Kashmir.[Kashmir terror chief heads for Mecca]

At this point do you think Nutwar Singh will call King Abdullah, sing songs of friendship and ask him not to let this happen?

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