No experience required

The K. Madhu-SN Swamy-Mammootty team has done it for the fourth time. Nerariyan CBI, the fourth in the CBI sequel, is a unique film because nowhere else in the world of cinema has a film had a fourth sequel. That way, the Nerariyan CBI team is eminently qualified to enter the Guinness Book of World Records. [‘Nerariyan CBI’ A Whodunit!]

P Sreekumaran, Film Critic for ApunKaChoice.Com apparently has not heard of the Rocky Series. What about the Star Wars series with six episodes? Maybe prequels don’t qualify.
How do people who don’t know facts about cinema get employment as film critics? Looks like the United States Supreme Court, Rediff, and Apun Ka Choice don’t need people with experience.

5 thoughts on “No experience required

  1. Give him some slack on the Star Wars front. He must have mixed up all the series with one another and come to the conclusion that one can’t be the sequel of the other, not in the order it was released at least! 🙂

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