Pak High Commission in Nuclear Trade

After all Pakistani proliferation activity was reduced to a singularity called A Q Khan, the Govt. (read Musharraf) said he had no knowledge of Khan’s activities. Apparently Khan flew planes loaded with supplies to various countries all by himself. Atleast that is what Musharraf wants the world to believe and his annadatas seem to have trusted this version.
But once the nuclear agreement between India and US was reached, Musharraf wanted a piece of that pie too. If he was not part of the action, he would be forced to look elsewhere and it would threaten stability in the region, he warned. Now we know he was serious.

Pakistan High Commission in London is on a British intelligence list of 360 companies, universities and government organisations seeking to procure nuclear and other weapons related technology.
The 17-page document identifies 95 Pakistani organisations and government bodies, including Pakistan High Commission in London, as having assisted in the country’s nuclear programme. The list was compiled two years ago shortly after the security service mounted a surveillance operation at the Pakistani high commission, which is the only diplomatic institution on the list. Abdul Basit, Pakistan’s deputy high commissioner, said: “It is absolute rubbish and we take strong exception to these allegations.”[Pakistan’s government implicated in nuclear trade]

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