Subhash Bose: The Investigations – II

The story that was propagated about Subhash Bose’s death, that he died in a plane crash in Taiwan turned out to be false. Now that has been confirmed by Americans as well. Theory (2) is that he was held as a prisoner in Russia where he died or probably escaped. Theory (3) is that he lived as a monk in Uttar Pradesh
The Mitrokihn Archive which broke the news that Congressmen and Communists were on KGB payroll has some relation to information about Subhash Bose as well.

A key deponent of the Mukherjee Commission, Purabi Roy, who took off for Moscow tonight, said Mitrokhin knew about Bose’s Russia link and had helped her locate classified information on him.
But Roy, who has submitted four affidavits till date in front of the Mukherjee Commission till date, is worried. “My key worry is that the Commission should be allowed access to classified documents in three archives, the Federal Security Bureau(FSB) – which was called the KGB in the Soviet era, the President’s archives in Kremlin and GRU, the military intelligence archive. After all, the Commission has been asking for permission for visiting Moscow for the past three-and-a-half years,” Roy said.[Netaji disappearance case takes a new turn]

One of the witnesses the Commission met in Russia told that he had never told Purabi Roy anything related to Bose. After spending so many days in Russia, the Commission has not been able to unearth much information which causes Udayan Namboodiri to ask if this Russian story is also fake, like the plane crash.
One person who knows something about this is L.K.Advani. While he was the home minister he refused to give some files related to Subhash Bose’s disappearance to the Commission saying that it would affect India’s relations with some friendly countries, which I guess is a code word for Russia. Maybe the search should be done more thoroughly at home first.
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