Feed issue resolved

The history blog, The Palm Leaf‘s feeds were having issues for bloglines subscribers. It has been resolved. If you don’t see any updates, please re-subscribe.
Based on a suggestion by P@L, the name of the blog might change to either Talapatra (Sanskrit for The Palm Leaf) or Talapatta (Pali). If you have any suggestions/preferences/opinions, please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “Feed issue resolved

  1. JK,
    I think “Palm Leaf” sounds good. Why do you want “talapatram?” Only because it’s in Sanskrit? Or maybe to be consistent with “varnam?” At least I like Palm Leaf.

  2. Sandeep, The idea was to have an Indian name. But both Indian names are difficult to say whereas varnam was easy even for a non-native. Still thinking what to do…

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