Teaching retarded theories

The other day President Bush made a telephone call to the astronauts aboard the space shuttle Discovery and praised them for being risk takers for the sake of exploration. As President of United States, he leads a nation which is at the forefront of scientific research in almost every field.
But when there is a conflict between science and his religious beliefs, like medieval era Popes, he chooses religion and all logic goes out of the window. Recently when he was asked about teaching “intelligent design” in schools, he said he supported it. The theory is called “intelligent design” since it is dumb. It promotes the idea that an intelligent being is behind the creation of humanity, the intelligent one being God as mentioned in the Bible.
As the editorial in Washington Post notes

Of course the president is right that, in the context of a philosophical debate, it would be appropriate to discuss both sides of an issue before arriving at a conclusion. In the context of a religious discussion, it would also be very interesting to ponder whether the human race exists on Earth for a purpose or merely by accident. But the proponents of intelligent design are not content with participating in a philosophical or religious debate. They want their theory to be accepted as science and to be taught in ninth-grade biology classes, alongside the theory of evolution. For that, there is no basis whatsoever: The nature of the “evidence” for the theory of evolution is so overwhelming, and so powerful, that it informs all of modern biology. To pretend that the existence of evolution is somehow still an open question, or that it is one of several equally valid theories, is to misunderstand the intellectual and scientific history of the past century.[But Is It Intelligent?]

Since evolution is not banned, children in United States will get an education better than the one in Pakistani madrassa. If you question him further on this matter, President Bush being the intellectual giant he is, will start sounding like a broken record player. Recently after baseball player Rafael Palmeiro was suspended after he tested positive for steroid use, President Bush said, he believes Palmeiro’s testimony that he does not use steroids. As Kevin Drum says, “It’s like listening to a small child. He doesn’t want to believe it, so it isn’t true.”
But if alternate theories about the origin of humanity is being taught, they should also teach that there is a possibility that a Flying Spaghetti Monster created the universe.
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5 thoughts on “Teaching retarded theories

  1. I’m glad I went to school in a third world country which taught unadultered science. Even though I had to study Bible since I went to a christian school they never got mixed up.
    Who knows if Tom Cruise keeps going on his overdrive on Scientology, soon you might see people asking that to be taught as Science. All he has to do is to write a big fat check to GOP and next day Bush and DeLay would be all over it.

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