Premzji's Crazy Talk

In his rare public comments involving a rival, Wipro Chairman Azim Premji on Friday said his company’s organisation structure was “superior” to that of Infosys Technologies.
“I think, our structure is superior to the Infosys global delivery model,” Premji told reporters here in response to a question on how Wipro’s organisation structure compared with that of Infosys’ global delivery model.[Our structure superior to Infy: Premji]

But then, immediately he said

“Frankly, I have not fully understood the Infosys global delivery model.

How do you comment on something you don’t understand? But that was not the punch line.

“It’s not for me to comment on somebody else’s structure,” he added.

Maybe this is the reason why Vivek Paul quit. 🙂
Update: Smiley added for people who take things seriously.

4 thoughts on “Premzji's Crazy Talk

  1. I wouldn’t judge Mr. Premji too hastily. Vivek Paul’s departure may well be a planned manouevre:
    1. Paul is the key figure putting together a syndicate which will finance Wipro’s acquisition of GM’s entire IT operation. Price tag: $1 bln. Wipro is one of the 2 finalists & will likely become the first Indian IT company to win a bln $ contract.
    2. Paul’s new Texas company just purchased two India IT companies for $40 mln. Another $60 mln investment is in the works for this year.

  2. I think all these “CEOs” (murthy included) taking credit are like rooster taking credit for sun rise. Too bad india has hero worshipping in the genes and we have greatest idiots our national heros. But blog like this make me sometime have faith again in india that some sanity is left in few people. Also see 🙂 on mr murthy ( warning: lot of heart break for murthy worshippers out there )

  3. I guess it’s a season for crazy talks. Nothing beats the craziness of manmohan singh who recently praised british rule.

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