What do I call them?

Six armed gunmen tried to storm into the Ram temple in Ayodhya. One of them, a suicide bomber, rammed a jeep filled with explosives at the first barricade. The others hurled grenades and fired indiscriminately with AK-47s. Makes you blood boil doesn’t it?
But blood should not boil. That’s what Teesta Setalvad has to say.

Such an incident poses a challenge to the secular fabric of the country. Transparency needs to be followed in investigation. The media needs also to respond responsibly to information when labels like ‘terrorist’ and ‘jehadi terrorist’ are used intentionally by some organisations. Above all, this should not become an occasion for venom and hatred against minorities clouding our public sphere once again. [Press Release]

If we cannot call these terrorists, terrorists, then what do we call them Teesta? Can I call them Sabrangis?
Rajeev Srinivasan has more

8 thoughts on “What do I call them?

  1. The media may misguide you into calling such people as something like “secretary of an XYZ NGO organization” or simply by their names. But we should be responsible enough to call them “terrorist sympathizer” or by any other more eloquent name

  2. What do I call them?
    JK is at a loss for words when he cannot call terrorists terrorists. Teesta Setalvad is one such journalist who redefines secularism as ‘fence-sitting’. More at Rajeev’s blog.

  3. Terrorists?? NOT!
    If you were enraged after learning about the terrorist attack on the Ramjanmabhoomi complex and were cursing those terrorists. You should stop it immediately, according to Teesta Setalwad. These individuals should not even be called “terrorists” or “ji…

  4. If the ones who forcefully entered the Ram mandir recently, you call terrorists – what would you call those entered the Babri site on 6th dec and demolished it – were they not fit to be called terrorists – armed with trishuls, breaking the police barricades and bringing down a cement structure – you think that happened by hammers alone – think again!
    Remember – its the same thing.

  5. Prasoon, since we are going back in time now, lets go and call all those people who destroyed the Hindu temples and built mosques over them as terrorists as well. Yes, it is all the same thing

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