Find a replacement

Porter Goss, the CIA chief cannot catch Osama bin Laden due to some “weak links”, which seems to be the new code word for Pervez Musharraf.

The CIA boss was delivering a clear message to the “weak link” — Pakistan and its military ruler, Gen. Pervez Musharraf.
As he did two weeks ago in Australia, Musharraf claims to have Al-Qaida “on the run” in Pakistan, his forces having chased them out of cities into the mountains and then “occupied their sanctuaries.”
That rhetoric draws derision inside the CIA. According to sources familiar with the intelligence community discussion on this issue, there is mounting evidence that the Pakistani military — and its intelligence wing, the ISI — is nurturing its deep ties to Islamist extremists, including those who are sheltering the Al-Qaida leadership and leaders of the Afghan Taliban.[Pakistani forces tied to Taliban are hiding bin Laden, CIA thinks]

Of course the CIA knows everything, where he is hiding, what he is having for lunch, but still cannot catch him because of the question – what will happen to Musharraf? What if the Islamicists will come to power and start nuking left and right? Somehow we have been made to believe that Musharraf is the last standing moderate in Pakistan and rest all are murderous thugs. What America needs is someone who will take orders from the White House or State Department and deliver the goods. If Musharraf cannot do it, it is time to find a replacement so that the 3000 Americans who got murdered on Sept 11 will get some justice.

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