Workers agitating aginst Communists

Did you know that the Communists, who made a fortune fighting for the poor, is against the Asian Development Bank. When ADB officials visited Kerala, the DYFI, which is the monkey brigade of the Communists gave them such a reception that they literally ran away. But in West Bengal, the Communists are taking money from World Bank, the Asian Development Bank and Japan

4 thoughts on “Workers agitating aginst Communists

  1. seems you want to cut at the roots of indian communism.
    i am not well informed or well read,i dont know good english,i dont know how to counter your points,but i disagree with your attitude.
    but i would like to see how you would react to “six out of ten sounds good for this government” by p.Sainath in The Hindu.
    i dont want to argue with you,because i am sure i will lose.i just want to see your reaction.

  2. I don’t want to cut the roots of Indian Communism and I don’t think I can. There are so many things admirable in the way West Bengal Communists are attracting investment in the state, even from Multinationals. While Kerala Communists were destroying Coke and Pepsi bottles, the Bengal Communists did nothing of that sort.
    But on the whole Indian Communists are a bunch of hypocrites, saying one thing to the masses and doing exactly the opposite in practice. There is not much discussion of it in the media and that is why I point to those articles.

  3. But still they are better than the other folks around;Congress the GOP,BJP,SP,Shiv Sena etc
    Why no comments on the article?If you still have not readit please read it.I liked it very much,i have been following your blog for quite some time,so i thought it would be interesting to see your comment.
    Please delete this comment and i wont post again,if you dont like what i am saying.

  4. How can you compare two parties and say one is better than the other? What are your parameters for comparison?
    I read the article. Did not know all that details till now.

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